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Frequently asked questions.

How do I contact the groups of the organization to

   schedule a presentation?

  Address correspondence to:

The Sons of Lafayette

P.O. Box 4101

LaGrange, GA 30241-4101

eMail: sonsoflafayette@gmail.com

How do I become a participant?

See our recruitment flyer.

           Participation in any of the groups is by audition. The audition is mainly to place you in the correct voice section.

           To schedule an audition, contact:

Don McWhorter, Board of Directors, President


How do I request a presentation by the groups within the organization?

Contact the desired group via the contact information listed above.

As a non-profit organization we accept honorariums for presentations. The singing members of the organization do not receive reimbursement for

 their participation. Funds collected are used to defray the cost of printed music & programs, venue rental, equipment expenses and in some

 cases transportation, meals and lodging if over night stay is required to participate. Members are also required to fund at least a portion of these


How do I volunteer for supporting the organization?

We need volunteers for ticket collection at events, ushers, etc. Please contact the organization via email sonsoflafayette@gmail.com

How do I purchase tickets for scheduled presentations?

Tickets may be purchased in the following ways: From any active

 member of the group presenting or at the following locations: in LaGrange.

               Plum Southern          Market Place

               121 Main Street       100 Bull St

               (706) 884-3134        (706) 882-3338

To purchase tickets online, go to the Purchases page.

How do I purchase CD recordings of the group?

Visit the Purchases page.

How do I contribute tax deductible gifts to the organization.

The Sons of Lafayette welcomes both individual and corporate donations. The Sons of Lafayette is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with

 an active Board of Directors.

If you would like to donate to this organization as a Friend of The Sons of Lafayette, please send your check made payable to:

                 Sons of Lafayette

                 P.O. Box 4101

                 LaGrange, GA 30241-4101

You can also donate online by visiting the Donations page.

You will be sent a receipt showing the tax deductible amount of your contribution.

Note: Purchase of tickets for presentations is not a tax deductible contribution

unless the amount paid exceeds the published ticket price.

If I share my contact information with you, how will you keep the information confidential?

You can view our Privacy Policy to determine how we handle your personal information.